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Our developers teach kids in CoderDojo,
worldwide programming community

Our chief programmer, Michal, has his hands full. That does not, however, prevent him from participating in the CoderDojo project. Michal spends his spare time to help develop children's technical thinking. Thus, he teaches them programming and passes on the experience and knowledge acquired over many years in the field. Pupils would otherwise have to acquire such skills in many years.

CoderDojo is a global program. Its main goal is to bring everyone aged 7 to 17 into the world of programming and connect them with more experienced programmers. That's why CoderDojo is free for everyone at this age. Successful "ninjas" as students are labeled in the program can eventually start participating in competitions and may become lecturers over time.


Michal has many years of experience with a wide range of programming disciplines. He has the opportunity to provide advice and assistance in various situations. A very wide range of themes is typical for CoderDojo. Included in the curriculum is not just programming but also Scratch animation, a freeware tool for teaching children. In addition, lessons are centered on the HTML and CSS tagging languages. These are the basics of web development today.

Finally, we mention a programmable box micro: bit. This small computer offers the ability to control a display, use buttons, and many other features. Programming uses javascript and python applications. The former has a simplified graphical interface, making it easier for children or beginners to work. The latter contains pre-prepared files and snippets. It offers a helping hand to all who want to start programming. This way, students can easily visualize cycles, functions and other typical programming elements that otherwise make it difficult for beginners to understand.

In the premises of the Research Library in Olomouc, CoderDojo will be held four times a month and associates students up to 30 km away from the venue.


Do you enjoy coding? Are you a seasoned expert or just a computer? Then you came to the right place. MEP Luděk Niedermayer brought to the Czech Republic a free-of-charge programming club called CoderDojo. The goal is to connect people who already know how to code with those who just want to learn. And not only in the Czech Republic but around the world.

Lessons are always free for young people and work on the basis of volunteer work of so-called champions who organize lessons (including recruiting aspirants) and mentors who have technical skills and teach children to program. Anyone can set up their own COderDojo club.


Author: Nikola Nikolov