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We strive to develop technical literacy of next generation

Our programmers work to develop Snowlycode values in next generations. Our colleague Tom participates in multiple programs developing technological literacy in children. One of them being robotics course, where he teaches a class of children basics of programming logic on LEGO Mindstorms EV3 building kit. This course is managed by the local public organization, which in turn is managed by local government.


LEGO Mindstorms Kit

The kit is unique in the way, that graphic user interface named ROBOLAB is part of it. The GUI includes blocks that represent tasks and objects like loops and or variables. It can be programmed in a more typical way, by use of programming languages, but most users are children for whom it’s simpler to work with a simple interface than with programming languages. Principles are identical in both though.

A central piece of the set is programmable brick with a simple computer inside several ports and a display. This brick is both bots brain and its heart. Other parts mostly originate from Lego Technic line which allows building vehicles humanoid or completely atypical robots using gears, axles, and pins.

The kit is used in several competitions such as the First Lego League and the World Robot Olympiad. It comes in two variants "Challenge Set" and "Inventor Set", one of them being educational and the other being consumer version, both of these are very similar.


The lessons are managed by the local organization founded with a goal of empowering kids to develop and compare their skills, as well as offering a wide array of extracurricular activities to do. The organization offers some 140 hobbies and activities and we recommend Toms LEGO robotics class for all who seek to learn principles of programming and want to learn from someone already working in the field.

Author: Nikola Nikolov