Team to Hire

How does it all work?

  1. 1 The first meeting is to discuss what kind of developers and how many of them you need to integrate into your projects. Whether the programmers develop a compact part of your app or their job will be to program an endless ticket list that prevents you from finishing the app.
  2. 2 We will agree on suitable technologies to use. We will learn the style and structure of your code writing. We will connect with your ticket system (JIRA, Asana, Trello), your communicative channels (Slack, Skype, WhatsUp) and your GIT repository. We will do our best to adapt to all your requirements as if we were your internal programmers.
  3. 3 On the basis of the complexity of your project, technology requirements and programmers we will determine the price for individual workers.
  4. 4 After agreeing on the cooperation, we organize a short workshop to integrate our programmers into your team, your working environment and your requests. Together we will create the code. A smaller piloting project follows to test our cooperation reciprocally.
  5. 5 Our developers track worked hours, not the whole mandays. They are subsequently linked to a specific task in the ticket system. At the end of each month we send a timesheet with hours we spent over particular tickets. The time spent on your project is therefore much more accurate and thanks to the recorded hours and ticket numbers in the ticket system and the monthly overview much more effective and cheaper.

Technologies we master


PHP NodeJS Dart lang Typescript Dotnet


MySQL PostgresSQL Elastic search


reactJS Angular Dart lang Typescript Dotnet