Solution to your big tailor-made software

How does it all work?

  1. 1 We meet and discuss over the app capabilities, how they should look like and as the case may be what technologies and principles we will use.
  2. 2 If you demand no specifications, it is sufficient if you present us your intention and we will note it down completely. By this way we can define the minimal product together. After adding specifications, we will make the complete graphic design of all app screens.
  3. 3 Regarding the previous steps, the project plan including the price and individual steps starting with the specification, performance, testing, launching and tuning in operation will be calculated.
  4. 4 We don't want to supply a product containing unordered features. That's why any changes we might encounter will affect technologies and the project plan itself.
  5. 5 Our developers track worked hours, not the whole mandays. They are subsequently linked to a specific task in the ticket system. At the end of each month we send a timesheet with hours we spent over particular tickets. The time spent on your project is therefore much more accurate and thanks to the recorded hours and ticket numbers in the ticket system and the monthly overview much more effective and cheaper.